Do social outings exhaust you? Is Netflix-and-chill your version of the perfect night? If your answer to these questions is yes, you might identify as an introvert.

What is an Introvert?

While Introverts come in every shape and size- some may seem outgoing while others, extremely shy- they do share one thing in common. Introverts get their energy from spending time alone. After a night on the town, an introvert requires solitude to recharge.

Since introverts get their energy from being alone, finding the right career can often be difficult. Most jobs require some level of interaction with coworkers or customers or both. If you’re an introvert, though, you might find socializing in the breakroom exhausting. Not to mention all that actual work you have to get done!

So what’s an introvert to do?

The 9 Most Amazing Jobs for Introverts

Luckily, there are plenty of career path options open to those who prefer minimal group interaction. Careers in accounting, computer programming, and data-entry are excellent options for introverts. So is pursuing a career as a freelance writer.

Why Freelance Writing Works for Introverts

Freelance writing is a great career option for introverts because employers offer remote jobs. Introverts feel much more comfortable in the presence of a sole person or no one at all. With a career in freelancing, introverted workers can complete their work without the hassle of dealing with socializing.

7 Websites Where You Can Find a Remote Writing Job

Not only does freelance writing allow you to work from home, but this career choice also allows you to recharge while you’re hard at work. Working from home means your energy won’t be drained chatting with coworkers or customers. This will leave you energy for your kids, pets, and partners once the workday is over.

Too Tired After Work? 10 Ways Introverts Can Recharge Fast

Finally, freelance writing allows you to choose when and how much time you want to spend around other people. If a job comes up in which you have to meet with the employer, you can choose to take it if you feel up to it. If you’re already drained from Thanksgiving with the family, though, you can pass up the job for one of the many others that are sure to come up.

Introverts rejoice, for you no longer have to stress about putting on an extroverted facade just to make it through the workday. Leave a comment and let me know how your career affects you as an introvert or extrovert. Happy writing!

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