Millennials: Sick of the 9-5?
Interested in pursuing a freelance career?

Whether you hate driving in traffic an hour both ways or you just need a little more flexibility to pursue your hobbies, you aren’t alone. According to USA Today, 4 out of 10 Millennials view their day-job as a five-year stop on the road to a lifelong freelance career. 

Yet with so many career paths for freelancers (here are 20), how’s a Millennial to choose? 

Without further ado, here are 5 reasons freelance writing is the perfect career for Millennials.

1. You Can Write Anywhere

If you’re like many Millennials, you value experiences over products. Freelance writing offers Millennials the option to travel while they work. You can work as a freelance writer anywhere, as long as you have a few ideas and access to the internet.

2. Your Hobbies are Part of the Job

Freelance writers can choose to work in niches that interest them. Want to write about your love of Ultimate Frisbee? There’s a blog niche for that. Or maybe you cook anime-inspired food and want to write about it. There’s a blog niche for that, too. 

3. Get Instant Gratification for Your Hard Work

From Netflix binges to Google’s infinite knowledge, Millennials love instant access. As a freelance writer, you’re paid on the spot. You see your content online the next day. You watch your likes go up as you’re working on the follow-up piece. How about that for instant gratification, Millennials?

 4. Social Media is Part of Job

Freelance writing is the perfect career for Millennials who can’t get enough social media. Say so long to the days of hiding your phone under your desk at work. That’s right, Millennials– checking social media while “on the clock” is not only encouraged for freelance writers, it’s necessary.

5. No Degree Required

You can even pursue a freelance writing career if you’re one of the many Millennials without a degree. There are a million free resources to hone your writing skills online. Pick up a free eBook, search for a free how-to guide, or subscribe to this blog and you’ll be on your way to leaving that day job in no time. 

So there you have it, friend. 5 reasons freelance writing is the perfect career for Millennials. Leave a comment and let me know if you want to leave your day job for a freelance career. 

Happy writing!

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