Why Writers Should be Thankful for JK Rowling

With all the negative press the new Fantastic Beasts film received this week, let’s reflect on some reasons we should be grateful for JK Rowling this Thanksgiving. 

1. Her Tweets to Writers

JK Rowling is known for giving to charities, but perhaps less known for the advice she gives to new writers. 

On Twitter, Rowling can usually be found offering hilariously on point political commentary or sharing articles about one of her many charities. Perhaps the most revealing thing about Rowling’s interests, however, are shown in her tweets to writers. 

As this article points out, Rowling has a history of jumping in on threads in which new writers bemoan how hard writing can be. As writers, we should be thankful for a superstar author like Rowling taking the time to remind us how un-glamourous was her rise to fame. 

2. Paving the Way for New Writers

Before Harry Potter was released, the public viewed writers and authors as penniless artists in a world where capitalism reigned supreme.

JK Rowling’s success story convinced writers that they, too, could make a living writing. 

Next time your parents or peers laugh at you for pursuing a writing career, just remind them: The Harry Potter brand is worth $25 Billion and counting. 

The Harry Potter Brand is worth $25 Billion and Counting

3. Keeping the World Spoiler Free, One Tweet at a Time

If you can’t tell already, I’m a huge fan of Rowling’s Twitter platform. She always keeps it real and reminds us that she’s just like the rest of us.

Like the rest of us, Rowling hates spoilers. That’s why she started her #ProtectTheSecret campaign on Twitter to keep the plot twists in Fantastic Beasts spoiler free. 

With her gigantic audience of over 14 million followers (as of this publication), Rowling always seems to use her platform for good. This time, reminding viewers everywhere just how important it is to respect peers and artists’ work. 

4. Reminding Bloggers Why We’re Lucky

If you’ve read the news, Rowling is under fire for some questionable choices made regarding the newest addition to the world of Harry Potter. Authors have it tough. Once their books are published, they lose a sense of creative control over their work.

While the choices made in Fantastic Beasts 2 may have worked if published in the original series, they are under fire for stepping outside of cannon. Cannon, meaning statements originally made in the published Harry Potter series that are now taken as truth. 

Online content writers– we’re lucky. We can go back and edit our posts. We can even hide out posts if we’re unsatisfied with the way they’re received. 

Thanks, JK Rowling, for reminding bloggers everywhere why we should be grateful that we can edit out work long after it’s published. 

What are you thankful for this season? Leave a comment and let me know. Happy writing!

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