Coffee is a staple for writers who need a little extra boost. If you’re on the Keto diet, though, knowing what and how to order your coffee can be a little daunting. 

Have no fear coffee-loving, keto dieters! Today I’m going to tell you exactly how to order your keto coffee. As an ex-barista, you can trust me when I say these drinks are good, too. 

Order Keto-Friendly at Your Coffee Shop

Coffee or Latte?

Do you prefer your coffee the old fashioned way? Or are you one of the million of Americans who has fallen in love with espresso based lattes?

Either way you like it, both of these drinks can be keto-friendly if you know the basics. 


A regular cup of drip coffee has no significant source of carbs or sugar. If you prefer more for your money, go with a simple cup of black coffee since it’s cheaper than espresso beverages. 

Tips for Ordering:

  • Iced coffee is just the cold version of regular drip coffee and has almost no carbs but make sure to request that it’s unsweetened
  • If your coffee shop has multiple roasts, request a blonde roast since these beans usually have more caffeine per cup than any other roast
  • Skip the cold brew because the conentrated brewing method means this stuff can have more than 3 carbs per cup

What I’d Get: A 20 oz (large or Starbucks’ venti) dark roast, black. Topped with a few cubes of ice for immediate enjoyment.


Unlike drip coffee, espresso has 0.5 grams of carbs per fluid ounce. That means two shots are already going to cost you a whole carb– And that’s without cream and sugar!

Tips for Ordering:

  • If you’re in the mood to splurge on carbs, a caffe americano is the way to go. Skip the milk to get the most bang for your buck
  • Order blonde espresso if your coffee shop has it because it has more caffeine and a sweeter taste but the same number of carbs as regular espresso
  • Be careful with Venti iced drinks from Starbucks– the standard is to add three shots (1.5 carbs) to a latte and four shots (2 carbs) to an americano

What I’d Get: An 8 oz (extra small or Starbucks’ short) Blonde Americano with a light sprinkle of vanilla powder on top. OR A 12 oz (small or Starbucks’ tall) red eye, which is just a shot of espresso poured poured on top of your drip coffee for an extra boost.

Black or with Cream?

If you like your coffee with cream, here are two keto-friendly options to add to your cup of joe.

Grass-Fed Butter

Butter is a surprisingly delicious way to lighten up your roast. Kerrygold Butter is a creamy, grass-fed option offered at coffee shops like Starbucks.

Tips for Ordering:

  • Ask your barista to drop the butter in the cup before they pour your coffee or pull your espresso shots so the butter melts to perfection
  • Request a stir stick at the drive-thru or pick one up from the condiment bar and give your coffee a stir so the butter is mixed to perfection
  • Salted butter can be delicious with flavors like caramel and vanilla but if you like your coffee with no added sugar, you might want to request unsalted butter

What I’d Get: A 12 oz (a small or a Starbucks’ tall) cup of dark roast with one slab of Kerrygold butter stirred in. Top with a healthy sprinkle of cinnamon powder.

Heavy Cream

If you’re ordering a latte, steamed heavy cream is the way to go. Other milks have too many carbs and, if you’re already spending them on espresso, you’ll want skimp wherever else you can. 

Tips for Ordering:

  • Ask for a “dry” latte with heavy cream, which means you’ll get an extra layer of foam on top reminescent of whipped cream
  • A Caffe Misto or Caffe Au Lait is even more delicious with steamed heavy cream instead of milk
  • Avoid the whipped cream at Starbucks, since it’s flavored with sugary vanilla syrup

What I’d Get: A 16 oz (medium or Starbucks’ grande) cappucino made with heavy cream. Top the foam with a sprinkle cocoa powder for a chocolatey fist sip!

A Little Flavor, Please?

Whether you can’t stand the bitter taste of coffee or you like to enhance it, here are two keto-friendly ways to add some flavor. 


Not only are sugars themselves taboo for keto diets, but the carbs in sugar are also no-no’s. Your best bet is to request Stevia or Truvia, which are two of the best sugar-substitutes for keto-dieters. 

Tips for Ordering:

  • Avoid the “sugar-free” and “skinny” syrups on the market because these may still have sugar alcohols, which are not keto-friendly
  • Don’t order sugar in the raw, brown sugar, agave or honey because these sweeteners have a high glycemic index and carb count
  • Ask your barista to give your latte or coffee a stir after pouring the sugar so that it’s evenly distributed throughout the entire dirnk

What I’d Get: A 12 oz (small or Starbucks’ tall) latte made with heavy cream and two Stevias stirred in. 


If you want some flavor without the sugary taste, check out your coffee shop’s selection of powdered toppings. 

Tips for Ordering:

  • Make sure not to get the cinnamon dolce powder at Starbucks, since this good stuff has white sugar mixed in
  • Request that your powder be steamed in the milk for an extra-tasty latte, misto or caffe au lait
  • Go easy on the cocoa powder, cinnamon, and nutmeg since too much of these spices can add up (average of 4 grams of carbs per tablespoon)
  • Go extra-easy on the vanilla powder since too much can add up to a whopping 3.5 grams of carbs per teaspoon

What I’d Get: A 20 oz (large or Starbucks’ venti) cup of blonde or light roast coffee. Top it off with 2 oz of steamed heavy cream with a few dashes of cinnamon and nutmeg steamed in. This drink is oh-so good and tastes like Christmas in a cup!

So there you have it, folks! Leave a comment and let me know your go-to keto coffee recipe. Now grab that cup of coffee and get to writing!

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