Welcome back to another post in the Series: How to Earn Passive Income with Affiliate Links as a Writer!

For the last two weeks, we’ve talked all about brand, mission, and vision statements– what they are and how to create them. Today, we’re moving on and talking about strategies for choosing the perfect theme for your site.

Let’s get started!

What are Themes?

Themes are templates you will use to build your niche site or blog. A theme determines how your site will look to visitors as well as its layout, features, and style.

A good theme will offer your audience a pleasurable viewing experience. A good theme will keep your audience coming back for more content. And keeping your audience coming back for more is how you’re going to eventually make money off affiliate links.

So how do you choose this perfect theme? The one that’s going to attract your audience? The one that’s ultimately going to help you make money?

Read on for the 5 steps to help you pick a theme for your niche site or blog.

5 Steps to Choosing Your Theme

1. What’s Your Budget?

The first step to picking your site’s theme is to determine your budget.

Many themes are available at no cost while some more advanced themes will cost you.

For example, WordPress’ free plans only offer a limited number of free themes. If you want any of the other themes they offer, you’ll have to pay for it unless you upgrade to a premium or business plan.

2. What are Your Capabilities?

Before you choose a theme, you should honestly assess your site-building skill level. Some themes require more knowledge of code, web layout, and design.

If you’re new to website design, choose a theme to learn and grow with before advancing to more difficult themes. That way, you aren’t overwhelmed and discouraged by the amount of work some of the more advanced layouts require.

Luckily, most website builders tag certain themes as beginner-friendly. These themes offer step-by-step instructions, more support, and flexibility.

3. What Kind of Website?

If you’ve been keeping up with the series, you should already know what kind of site you’re building. Most site builders have different themes depending on your content. This makes it easier to customize your site for the specific type of content you share.

You can choose whatever theme you want, but there are benefits to using themes pre-programmed for your type of site content. Themes in your category are often pre-programmed with the features you’ll need most.

For example, WordPress has themes for 26 different categories including photography, blogging, and even an “easy” category for newbies.

4. What Features?

What features are vital for your niche site? Make a list of the features you know you’ll need and assure the theme you choose supports them.

As I mentioned above, choosing a theme that targets your type of site means you’ll have most, if not all of the features you’ll need. Make sure to scour the theme’s overview anyway to be sure.

Site builders like WordPress offer the ability to search for themes by features. Over 30 features are available to search by including video support, social menus, and featured image headers.

5. What’s Your Style?

You’ve determined your budget, assessed your abilities, decided on what type of site you’re building, and chosen your must-have features. The final step before you can actually start building your site is to pick your style.

Do you want a bright theme or a more moody one? Do you envision your site drenched in color or is greyscale more your style?

I would recommend testing out a few themes before deciding. Site builders like WordPress offer you the chance to view themes as a demo. That way, you can navigate through themes and make sure they’re right for you before you pick or purchase one.

So there you have it– the five steps to selecting your site’s perfect theme! Leave a comment and let me know some of your favorite themes. Happy writing!

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