Hey newbie freelance writers! It’s time for the final part in my 9-Step guide to getting started with freelance writing. Today, we’re bringing out the big guns. And by big guns, I mean the three steps that will take you from beginner to professional freelance writer.

If you haven’t been keeping up, check out Part 1 and Part 2 before continuing.

Without completing these final three steps, clients won’t take you seriously and you’ll have a hard time trying to get your freelance writing business off the ground.

Are you ready to make your freelance writing career into a full-time business? Then keep reading!

It’s time to get your freelance writing business off the ground!

7. Create a Freelance Writer Website

While you can snag jobs off freelance platforms without a website, you’re doomed to fail if you try to start cold pitching (see below) without one.

A personal website showcases your services and skills as a freelance writer.

It’s also,

  • where you direct prospective clients when they want to see your portfolio
  • where people can solicit your services without you having to find them
  • where you can offer free content to prospective clients before they decide to hire you

If you really want to get serious with your business, you can even think about making yourself an LLC. This has many benefits, the main one being separating your personal assets from your business assets.

To find out more about turning your freelance writing into a business, read this thorough article.

8. Cold Pitch Your Writing

Okay, I’ll admit it– cold pitching is terrifying. That’s because cold pitching is when you email or call a prospective client out of the blue and pitch an unsolicited project.

Cold pitching is the best way to land high-paying, repeat clients. It’s also the best way to land a job writing for your dream client.

But all these perks come with a price– you really have to learn to sell yourself.

When it comes to cold pitching, you won’t just market your writing. You’ll also market yourself.

That’s because the clients you cold pitch are clients you want to build long-term relationships with. They’re people who will get to know you as a writer and a repeat freelance employee. For a definitive guide on all things cold-pitching, check out this awesome post.

9. Build Client Relationships

Ah, here we are. It’s the end of your journey as a newbie freelancer. But don’t tune out just yet!

This step is where the money-making magic happens.

Though building client relationships may come last in your introduction to freelance writing, it is absolutely, 100% the most vital step in this guide.

That’s because repeat clients,

  • are usually the best clients
  • will pay you what you deserve because they recognize your worth
  • vibe with your writing style and love how you deliver results

Most of all, they respect how much effort you’ve put into making your writing into a business. They’re not going to scam you or try to pay you less than you’re worth. They’re the clients you need if you want to make a living as a freelance writer.

If you want to know more about the ins and outs of building client relationships, head over to this link.

So there you have it guys! Only 9 Steps and you can start working from home and living your writer dream. Leave a comment and let me know how I can help you with your freelance writing journey. Happy writing!

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